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  • New housing and pricing EZ Flash Omegas in 2021

    From the beginning of June, we at rinku retro receive the new EZ Flash Omegas from the manufacturer. In these, other chips and a different type of housing are used. This means that the quality goes up, but – unfortunately – also that the price went up a little. As a reseller we have no …

  • Game Boys modding with BOYSMODS

    The ninth generation of consoles has arrived; Countless superior systems are used by young and old and it is impossible to imagine an average interior without them. But the real enthusiast reverts to the past. The 90’s kid From the fourth generation of consoles (start 1987) Nintendo was one of the market leaders. If you are …

  • How to put games on your EZ Flash Omega

    You’ve got your EZ Flash Omega in the house, left a review 😌, and lollygagged ready to revisit those fat games of yesteryear. Fortunately, the EZ Flash Omega flash card is easy to use. Compared to its competitors, the EZ Flash Omega is almost plug and play. Within a few steps, your favorite roms are …

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